Wellness and Writing

  • A Wellness and Writing “Round Up”
    A Wellness and Writing “Round Up” I’m sure that everyone is exhausted by this point in the semester and is ready to get to the final high of hitting the last ‘submit’. Because I’m right there with everyone else, I decided to take a step back from overly analyzing a topic within wellness and writing … Read more
  • Five Takeaways from the Semester So Far
    The past week yielded a Wellness Day for students, faculty, and staff at Kean University, and in the spirit of recognizing why it is important to sometimes slow down, listen to all the ambient sounds, and smell the roses, I thought it would only be appropriate to reflect on five personal and major takeaways from … Read more
  • Getting Mindful about Mindfulness
    Getting Mindful about Mindfulness For anyone who has dabbled in mindfulness, you know that it can initially be an uncomfortable process. Like the feeling of an un-popped joint, you come to an awareness of how your whole body is holding a wide variety of pressures. Your mind holds too many thoughts and judgements about those … Read more
  • Getting Gritty with It!
    Firstly, I would like to start this post by thanking my colleague, Amber, for introducing the writing and wellness series and its purpose in a succinct and empathetic manner. It’s never been easy to start a conversation regarding ideas of wellness and self-care in such a fast-paced and rapidly changing society, and it hasn’t gotten … Read more
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