Thesis Projects

The M.A. Writing Studies program offers a diversity of concentrations in both traditional and digital formats. The wide array on customization options allow for a wide variety of complex and expansive thesis projects. Listed below are only some of the extensive creative and pedagogical projects seen in this program.

Please, feel free to explore the projects and be inspired!

Degenerates’ Gallery: Exploring Self-Representation and Aesthetic Presentation in New Media as a Resurgence of Dada Idealism” by Kelli J. Hayes~

“Misunderstood” by Stephanie Bowles Jones. A young adult novel about a gifted girl from Newark.

“Beans, Parasites, and Chicken Feet: Participatory and Therapeutic Principles in DeviantArt’s Closed Species Communities” by Katherine Marzinsky

“You Sound Black…”: An Academic Dive into Black American Vernacular English by Kaveena A.S. Bullock

“Hopeful Hope: Perseverance and Education Is The Answer” by Hope Wilson

On Making a Poet: Exploring Writerly Identity by Reimagining Ginsberg’s Prophetic Experience by Hailey Carone

Breaking the Manacles: Finding, Claiming, and Shaping Self by Richonda Fegins

I Want Sin: Finding Personhood Amidst Technology in Young Adult Dystopian Literature by Marissa Candiloro

Conversations With My Father” by Laura Lopez

“Angel of Disruption” by Martha Kein. A hypertext interactive fiction.

Why We Shouldn’t Ban Books: The Effects of Censorship on Children and Young Adults.” by Devon Yanvary

“Engaged Learning: Digital Practices for Writing Instruction” by Gina Jorge

“Ravenous” by Kristi Kulcsar. Remediating the literary classic “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Play, Code, Compose, Write: An Autoethnography” by Nicole Dreste