Writing Theory & Practice Course: Graduate Students Final Class Projects!

From left to right
Bottom row: Dylan, Kevin, Dana, Meagan, Susan,
Top row: Medea, Nives, Teethee, Emily, Dr. Zamora, Patricia, Alexis, Linda, Karel, Fatima

One of the first required courses for all Graduate students within the M.A. in English Writing Studies program is ENG 5020: Writing Theory and Practice. In this course, the class is designed to introduce students to the major principles and issues related to teaching writing. By the course’s end students should have a repertoire of theories, practices, and resources they can use to help others learn to write, as they continue to explore Writing Studies as teachers, scholars, and writers in the digital age. For more information, please check out the course site! Pictured right, is our most recent cohort of grad students taking this course from Fall 2019.

Empowering Expression: Nurturing Voice in Student Writing

The outcome of this course was a class project based on the theme of voice in writing. This project was both done in an independent and collective manner; with each scholar following the theme of voice in writing, they came up with their own final project ideas. Each student’s project lives on a home base website designed by fellow grad student, Patricia Dennis. The website is a living artifact of the Fall 2019 Writing Theories & Practice graduate cohort. Please checkout their website: Empowering Expression: Nurturing Voice in Student Writing!