Summer Opportunities

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Invitational Summer Institute 2015

The overarching purpose of the Kean University Writing Project is to support teachers in the teaching of writing and to deepen the writing craft for current writers. To that end, the Summer Institute provides participants with opportunities to examine challenges and issues through interactive learning, inquiry, reflection, and community.

Institute staff provides extensive grounding in theory; best practices for teaching writing; protocols for designing, presenting, and reflecting on classroom lessons; models for building and working with collaborative teams; and personalized coaching and one-on-one mentoring.  Through writing, talking, sharing, and writing some more, we work to transform the toughest challenges from our writing lives and our writing classrooms into our best practices.  


Six (6) hours of graduate credit in English.  Ninety (90) professional development hours in fulfilment of New Jersey State PD requirements will also be granted at the completion of the Institute.  Offerings will also include additional elective hours for individual advisement and coaching.


The cost of participating in the Summer Institute is approximately $4900.00, based on the basic graduate credit fees of Kean University in 2019, payable by attendee or their districts when applicable.  This amount covers basic tuition and fees and is subject to final budget/tuition determinations in June 2019.  Additional federal and university monies support the Institute’s extensive supplemental programming, services, such as:

    • coaching
    • technology
    • course materials
    • activities
    • socials


Each invited participant will receive a stipend of $1000.00.

Selection Criteria

To ensure that the Summer Institute fulfills its purpose and to orchestrate a match between participant’s needs and the level and quality of experience provided by the institute, we consider applicants in terms of individual qualifications and in terms of how a given applicant’s participation will contribute to the effectiveness of the institute, as well as to development of excellence in teaching in our region.  A brief email communication of intent to apply to the KUWP director, Dr. Mia Zamora ( encouraged.

Programmatic Requirements

To meet programmatic objectives, each class of participant must represent a balance o representation at a range of institutions, teaching levels, disciplines, and learning contexts within our region so as to create a rich environment for learning, exchange, and maximum development of insights on writing craft and teaching writing.

Individual Requirements

Individual participants must present a history of:

    • Proficiency in teaching and/or writing experience
    • Commitment to writing and/or using writing to teach
    • Successful collaborative work
  • Interest in trying new approaches to teaching and/or writing

How to Apply

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Mia Zamora at (908)-737-0385 or and/or email