Summer 2020 Opportunities!

The overarching purpose of the Kean University Writing Project is to support teachers in the teaching of writing and to deepen the writing craft for current writers. To that end, our Summer Institutes provide participants with opportunities to examine challenges and issues through interactive learning, inquiry, reflection, and community.

Please refer to the link below or on the flyers for more details about these two summer coursers offered by the English Writing Studies Program.

Meet Our Writing Studies Scholars!

Many of our Writing Studies students come from different walks of life! Whether they are educators, aspiring authors, devoted parents, or even just curious scholars, our M.A. program welcomes all cred of students who wish to explore writing on a Masters level. With that said, our program is introducing our new video series: Meet The Kean University M.A. in English Writing Studies Scholars! These videos are meant to share a glimpse of who our Writing Studies students are, their writing interest, and some cool fun facts about them!

Our pilot video will be featuring a current scholar in the program, Nives Migliaccio!

Look out for our next video, next week Wednesday!

Writing Theory & Practice Course: Graduate Students Final Class Projects!

From left to right
Bottom row: Dylan, Kevin, Dana, Meagan, Susan,
Top row: Medea, Nives, Teethee, Emily, Dr. Zamora, Patricia, Alexis, Linda, Karel, Fatima

One of the first required courses for all Graduate students within the M.A. in English Writing Studies program is ENG 5020: Writing Theory and Practice. In this course, the class is designed to introduce students to the major principles and issues related to teaching writing. By the course’s end students should have a repertoire of theories, practices, and resources they can use to help others learn to write, as they continue to explore Writing Studies as teachers, scholars, and writers in the digital age. For more information, please check out the course site! Pictured right, is our most recent cohort of grad students taking this course from Fall 2019.

Empowering Expression: Nurturing Voice in Student Writing

The outcome of this course was a class project based on the theme of voice in writing. This project was both done in an independent and collective manner; with each scholar following the theme of voice in writing, they came up with their own final project ideas. Each student’s project lives on a home base website designed by fellow grad student, Patricia Dennis. The website is a living artifact of the Fall 2019 Writing Theories & Practice graduate cohort. Please checkout their website: Empowering Expression: Nurturing Voice in Student Writing!

Starting Fall’19 the WRITE Way!

During the Fall Semester of 2019, the Kean University Writing Project participated in the National Day on Writing!

“Writing is an important part of life. It helps us communicate and work with each other, supports our learning, and helps us remember.

The National Day on Writing® celebrates writing—and the many places, reasons, and ways we write each day—as an essential component of literacy. Since 2009, #WhyIWrite has encouraged thousands of people to lift their voices to the things that matter most to them.

NCTE invites you to join our 2019 National Day on Writing on October 20 and tell us about what compels you to pick up a pen, sharpen a few pencils, dust off the chalk, find a marker that works, or tap your keyboard.” –

KUWP participated in this national event on both a university and elementary level. Partnering with students from Kean University and Forest Street Community School, we were able to create three different art installments to celebrate the National Day On Writing. The themes for this year’s writing were #whyIwrite #whereIamfrom. These public participated art pieces were directed and curated by KUWP’s current Graduate Assistant, Patricia Dennis. Below are the pictures of all the art pieces created from each group!

Kean University: #whyIwrite #whereIamfrom

These two pieces are located in the KUWP office in the CAS building, room 314!

Public Art Mural
Title: Cosmetology of a Writer
Year: 2019
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Paper
Inspiration: National Day on Writing Celebration
Public Art Mural
Title: Night Dreams
Year: 2019
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Paper
Inspiration: National Day on Writing Celebration

Forest Street Community School

Forest Street Community School focused on theme of #whereIamfrom, creating a tree with poems of leave describing where they are from; this piece is located at the school. All students who participated in this project received a gift from KUWP and Kean Relations! You can also checkout our Instagram page for more pictures and videos! Please follow us @kean_wp.

Public Art Mural
Title: Where I am From Tree
Year: 2019
Medium: Acrylic Paint on multi canvases
Inspiration: National Day on Writing Celebration